Your Prescription Management Center

WellDyneRx is a full-service, independent Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that makes the little things matter for our clients, employees, partners, and members.

Because we are an independent PBM—meaning we are not owned by a pharmacy, drug company, or health insurance provider—we are able to negotiate freely on your behalf to keep costs low and quality of care high for our clients and members.

As early pioneers in clinical pharmacy, WellDyneRx has a history of caring for patients differently and always from a pharmacological perspective. We don't just fill prescriptions. We constantly manage and optimize our formulary to match members with treatments that are effective and economical.

Most of all, our clients value the flexibility and customization they get with WellDyneRx. Whatever you need, we can create the right plan for you. Custom solutions for maximum flexibility, because everything we do on your behalf adds up for our clients and members. Every little thing brings big outcomes.